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Yun Chuan Garden Inc
, over a year ago

Order the boiled fish ($9.95), spicy shrimp ($10.95) and then plenty of ice cold water for the table. You’ll need it for both of these dishes. The doused-in-chili-oil white fish is flaky and the shrimp is sufficiently juicy. Just don’t cram it all in once. It might be painful.

Yun Chuan Garden Inc
, over a year ago

If you like to test your tolerance for spiciness, this is the place to be!

over a year ago

Authentic Szechuan, large variety no wonder it's the most popular in the area. – I have been eating here for the past 5 years, there is no better Szechuan food in Los Angeles period! There is a large selection of dishes from the area of Yunnan, Szecuan and Guizhou (all very similar cuisine). They are very famous in the predominantly chinese area of Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel with good reason because the food is not only authentic in keeping the the real food and real ingredients used in the area, but also is just done SO WELL! I would go so far as to say this is the best Szechuan Chinese Food in Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead, Montebello, Arcadia and even Los Angeles for that matter.

There are several dishes I am particularly fond of, one is the staple Hot Pepper Chicken called La Zi Ji in Chinese it features cubes of spicy chicken drowned in hot red peppers, it's definately not for people who fear spicy food but for those who have a problem with spicy there is no need to be remiss because they also add in a different spice called "Ma" that takes the edge off the spice.

Another of my favorite dishes is one called "Xiao Guo Mi Xian" it's a kind of noodle soup with ground pork spices and again keeping with the traditional cuisine of Guizhou where these types of noodle soups are a staple.

Another excellent dish is called, "Shui Zhu Liang Yang" it's a boiled dish in a spicy broth with Cabbage and (at least the kind i'm referring to) two kinds of meat, Chicken, Beef or Fish. This one is lacking the "Ma" so it's not for the feint of heart but if you are like me and are a fan of spicy this dish as absolutely AWESOME.

The presentation of the restaurant decor wise is very average and the service is what you can expect from a Chinese restaurant, efficient but not overly friendly. But these are not the reasons to eat at Yun Gui (not called Yun Chuan Garden), the reason to eat at Yun Chuan Garden is overwhelmingly the excellent food.


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